What is creativity? Part 2.

Arguably, anything you see, feel or hear, smell or taste, or experience in any other way, no-matter how pleasing or displeasing, had, at its start, a creative individual with a vision who made it happen.

Part 2. What and who are creatives?

When I think of creativity, I think of creative individuals and how they bring their creativity, their gifts and talents, into the world. I think of creatives as designers of all sorts: graphic, interior, garden, fabric, dress, fashion, furniture, jewellery, also photographers, filmmakers, animators, artists, writers of all sorts, story-tellers and composers of music. I will add to this list cooks and chefs, inventors and scientists. Artists may be the most obvious example and comedians maybe the least.

I distinguish between creatives and those highly skilled individuals who have learnt and mastered knowlege, skills or techniques through years of practice and academic study. Their dedication and commitment leads to an impressive array of qualifications and credentials. Architects, engineers, musicians and computer scientists are some of the more obvious examples. However, some creatives possess both natural and acquired skills and as a result, excel at their art.

What are creatives like?

When I think of creatives, I think of individuals who are naturally blessed with creative talent or gifts and an innate desire to make the world a more beautiful, pleasurable, meaningful, engaging, exciting or better place using their talents. My great friend, Susie, is an accomplished composer, opera singer and artist. Another friend, Francesco, is a talented oboist and clothes designer and tailor. My sister is an accomplished graphic designer, gardener and interior designer and hilarious comedienne. They all bring their creativity into the world and we are blessed by it.

Are creatives different from the rest of us?

Creatives can be a bit different from the rest of us.

Creatives can be more relaxed, fun, bohemian, charming, sexy and terrible at being on time. Conversely, creatives can be stressed as they work through despair or, burnt out on high levels of creative energy. Creatives can be argumentative, moody or highly strung as the creative process takes hold. They can speak their minds and sometimes put their relationships, careers or friendships in jeopardy. Creatives won’t always compromise on their art so, not surprisingly, they don’t always fit well into mainstream or corporate hierarchies!

Pain of creativity

For anyone that doesn’t know it, the path to creativity is a painful one. Is it as bad as child-birth (or gout)? Some creatives would say that it was. I have lost count of angst-filled creatives who tell me they have been up all night working on something and wonder if it was worth it? Is it any good? Is it good enough? The answer is always a resounding yes. Even in the face of great success, creatives suffer from low self-esteem and need approval. This is normal for creatives. As is their desire for coffee, alcohol, sweets and chocolate that help fuel their creativities.

Chocolate vice

Is everyone born creative?

I don’t know the answer to this question for sure, but I do believe that everyone is born with at least one gift and maybe it is a gift of creativity. How you discover your gifts and bring them into the world is the question. Arguably it is every school’s only role to find at least one gift in every pupil. I would ask everyone to encourage anyone they know, regardless of their age or background, that might possess a creative gift, to make sure that it is developed, used and not lost to the world.

If you are born with a gift, it is your duty to bring that gift into the world.

Isobel M.

Next week, I will explore the complex subject of employing creative people.

PS: Unofficial disclaimer: I have taken inspiration for this blog by observing some of the creatives that I know. It is not representative of everyone or targeted at anyone in particular with maybe one exception. I am just going to say Haribo.

Favourite vice

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