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Lizzy Standbrook is talented, creative, charming and fun. Everyone wants to be her friend. She is a strategic fundraising consultant, filmmaker and a gifted illustrator.

Katharine Jones has worked with Lizzy Standbrook as a colleague and collaborator for several years. In February 2019 they journeyed to a hospital treating people affected by leprosy, near Kathmandu.

The purpose of the trip was to create live videos presented by Paralympian, Stef Reid MBE in support of Heal Nepal, a UK Aid Match fundraising campaign.

Lizzy created the concept, filmed and produced the videos over an intense week of activity, live on location in Nepal. The live videos formed part of a wider fundraising campaign that was led by Lizzy. The photos below tell part of that story but over £4.15 million was raised for Heal Nepal.

Filming at Anandaban leprosy hospital

Lizzy Standbrook (left), filming Stef Reid wearing a prothestic limb made at the hospital workshop.

Staff at the hospital looking after the milk supply.

Visit to a family affected by leprosy living in a remote mountain village.

Visit to Durbar Square, Bhaktapur, Nepal

Stef with some new friends….

Katharine and Lizzy are dream to work with! We worked hard, had lots of fun, and created some great content. Katharine’s meticulous planning and management behind the scenes ensured a smooth and focused trip. She plans for things no one else thinks of and frees the team to focus on their role while she takes care of the rest. Combine that with Lizzy, a creative powerhouse who knows how to bring a vision to life, and will edit all hours of the night if that is what it takes! Katharine and Lizzy’s combination of compassion, vision, and management make them a team people want to work with because they can see an opportunity to change the world by sharing their story.

Paralympian Stef Reid MBE

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