Tom Bradley

Tom Bradley is an accomplished photographer and artist based in London, UK.

Since 2009, Tom has worked on long-term projects with NGOs and various, well-established publications.

At home, Tom specialises in portraiture, promotional and corporate work and events.

Tom’s work with NGOs often highlights the lives of marginalised, hidden or impoverished people such as those affected by leprosy in Bangladesh who featured in a project for The Leprosy Mission.

Project for International Women’s Day 2019

Tom was commissioned to photograph leprosy-affected women in the remote villages of Kushtia in western Bangladesh and Meherpur in southwestern Bangladesh. The photographs were targeted for fundraising and to raise awareness of leprosy on International Women’s Day 2019.

Tom photographed women affected by leprosy, healthcare workers in the field, and staff from the advocacy NGO, Mukti.

Friends for life - three women affected by leprosy
Three women, friends for life, affected by leprosy

Former Freedom Fighter and founder of NGO Mukti, the fearless and unstoppable Momatase.

Shondha Mondol, an advocate and leprosy healthworker, Meherpur, diagnosing leprosy in a young boy.
Shopna Das, a leprosy field worker for NGO, Mukti, Kushtia, raising awareness of leprosy within a local community to reduce its stigma.

Tom’s photographs and case studies were such a success, that in addition to their original purpose, they later featured in The Leprosy Mission’s Global Research brochure Addressing Current Challenges (below), The Leprosy Mission’s 2018 annual review (below in green) and a standalone, full height poster used at the 20th International Leprosy Congress, Manila, 2019 (far below).

For more of Tom’s photography visit his website.
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All photos by kind permission of Tom Bradley
Graphic Design by kind permission of Amanda Hawkes Graphic Design
Other concepts by kind permission and of The Leprosy Mission England and Wales.

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