Amanda Hawkes Graphic Design

Amanda Hawkes specialises in graphic design for print media; publications, annual reporting, brochures, posters and other collateral.

Katharine Jones has known Amanda Hawkes since 2017. They have worked extensively and intensively on collateral and print materials such as annual reports, annual reviews, brochures and posters.

The example below showcases recent annual reviews from The Leprosy Mission England and Wales.

By kind permission of The Leprosy Mission


  • A4 portrait, full colour, 28 page annual reviews
  • All three reviews work in sequence and as standalone brochures
  • Wrap-around, themed, visually engaging covers
  • Extensive use of high quality photographs
  • Photographs taken by and attributed to TLM staff (and Ruth Towell and Tom Bradley)
  • Photographs used to tell The Leprosy Mission story
  • Text is minimal, edited, proofed and consistent
  • Infographics throughout show significant highlights
  • Map graphics summarise projects, locations, strategic and research focus (see below)
  • Pie charts provide “at a glance” summary of topline income and expenditure

In addition to developing an engaging visual design, we’ve developed approaches to show at a glance how detailed information can be presented for a quick overview and understanding.

Double-page spread, highlighting 40 different projects and location in Africa or Asia. Note: Asia is scaled up to bring balance across the pages. Hundreds of facts and figures have been summarised into a convenient overview.

To see The Leprosy Mission’s 2019 annual review or download the PDF please visit The Leprosy Mission’s website

For other collateral developed by Katharine Jones and Amanda Hawkes Graphic Design, please visit Tom Bradley’s page on this website.

To work with Katharine Jones and Amanda Hawkes Graphic Design please get in touch.

I think the huge, wonderful photographs and minimal but pithy text in this Annual Review make it a very joyous and encouraging read.”

Catherine Benbow, TLMEW trustee
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