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Georgie Harris is a design professional and skilled artworker. She has a special focus on bespoke PowerPoint templates, professional formatting and adding impact to slide presentations.

Although the development of a PowerPoint presentation may involve hours of painstaking work and considerable expertise, unlike other collateral, it can be worked on to the deadline and usually is!

Georgie Harris

PowerPoint is a much maligned workhorse and often thought of as the poor man’s design tool. In truth, it is a sophisticated platform that can assemble a complex mix of graphics, artwork, video links, tables, graphs and weblinks in an attractive, practical, portable fashion.

A well-designed PowerPoint deck is not just a powerful presentation tool, but an information archive, a messaging document and story-telling record.

PowerPoint can be developed to different levels of complexity. A basic presentation will comprise text and other information on a slide template. To that you can add photographs, graphs, graphics, weblinks, video links, artwork and animation. The sky is your limit.

Recently, Katharine Jones and Georgie Harris Graphic Design worked on a PowerPoint presentation to support fundraising for Chanchaga Orthopaedic Workshop, Nigeria, for The Leprosy Mission.

by kind permission of The Leprosy Mission

Special features of this PowerPoint included map graphics, artwork and animation.

To develop your PowerPoint presentation or other artwork, please get in touch.
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