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Proofreading is so much more than meets the eye. It’s a terrible pun but it’s true. There is a myriad of complexity in written English. As a writer, it’s fiendishly hard to get it right. That unseen yet critical step between imperfect draft and perfect final is all in the proofreading.

Katharine Jones

Professional proofreading

Proofreading is a precise, measured and expert process. Proofreading is necessary to check for and correct a potential minefield of errors in written English. It is the final step to completing and perfecting your creative communications. What is proofreading exactly?

New pair of eyes

Anyone who has ever written, edited or contributed to new text knows that when they have seen the same copy repeatedly, their eye adjusts and reads what it wants to read. But missed or repeated words, inconsistencies of all sorts, typos, errors in grammar or punctuation, can be readily spotted by a new pair of eyes – your proofreader.

Grammar, constructs and a myriad of complexity

For an evolving language with lots of grammar and other constructs, there is endless complexity to check. Read more about what needs proofing.

“Consistency is alland the absolute rule

Any article or document (PowerPoint presentation, webpage, tweet etc) is one of many written items in an organisation. So it must be written as if it is part of your lexicon, and, your entire lexicon must be deployed consistently. This is an absolute rule and explains why a Style Guide or a Consistency Checklist is an essential tool. Please see our Consistency Checklist as an example you could use or adapt for yourself.

We can develop a rubric for your organisation if you do not have one already.

Business jargon, medical and other specialist terms

100%Proof will not intentionally correct business jargon, medical, specialist or coined terms. But please make sure that a list of those special terms and words – your rubric – is available to avoid any confusion.

What proofreading is not….

…….. editing or being a wordsmith. For suggestions or recommendations on how to reduce long sentences or improve sentence construction, 100%Proof can discuss further. 100%Proof is a bespoke proofreading service and will agree a specification and a quote for proofreading in advance.

One final note of caution

Please be aware of using an unqualified or inexperienced proofreader. Perhaps someone not following your rubric or doing a quick read through. Seemingly small edits and corrections can have a massive impact on your lexicon.

For all your proofreading needs or any questions, please get in touch.
To contact Marie Arnachellum email 100%Proof

You can invent any spellings, hyphenate any words, coin any terms, or make up your own grammar, as long as you use it all consistently. Consistency is all!

Marie Arnachellum

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