Ruth Towell

Ruth Towell is a photographer and filmmaker based in the UK, with a particular love for connecting with people and telling their stories.

With years of experience working across the globe for NGOs, charities and international brands, Ruth creates photography and films that capture a raw and authentic story.

Striving to ensure that every story she tells is ethical and empowering, Ruth partners with forward-thinking organisations to capture stories that instantly connect viewers to their heart. Ultimately creating narratives that are fresh, engaging and open people’s minds to new ways of thinking about the world, the people in it and bringing a fresh sense of hope for a better future.

Katharine Jones applauds Ruth’s integrity and ability to connect humanity through storytelling, photography and film-making. Katharine recently chose the two photographs below, with great effect, for The Leprosy Mission’s 2019 annual review.

The Leprosy Mission's National Director shaking hands with Jegathees, a man affected by leprosy and leprosy disability

Affected by leprosy
This is Jegathees, a man affected by leprosy and severe disability caused by leprosy, who lives in northern Sri Lanka. He was photographed by Ruth when he met The Leprosy Mission’s National Director, as part of a fundraising campaign.

A momentous occasion captured
This photograph taken by Ruth in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, shows faith leaders of many faiths (Buddist, Hindu, Muslim and Christian) all united in the common fight against leprosy.

Any one of Ruth Towell’s photographs speaks a thousand words

Katharine jones

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Photographs by kind permission of Ruth Towell.

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