What is creativity? Part 4.

Arguably, anything you see, feel or hear, smell or taste, or experience in any other way, no-matter how pleasing or displeasing, had, at its start, a creative individual with a vision who made it happen.

Part 4: “It’s not my wedding dress it’s your wedding dressor, understanding Your Vision

Think of a wedding dress (it could be a publication, menu, recipe, garden, musical, website, or painting etc.) The possibilites for its style and composition are immense. There are numerous aspects to consider such as the colour scheme, the fabric, the style of the sleeves, neckline, waist, the fullness of the skirt, its length, the zips, the buttons and fastenings. Where do you start? How do you take the first step to creating something wonderful?

The hardest task for a creative, is to understand Your Vision and then, create it, perfectly.


Why? Because it’s difficult to describe Your Vision clearly or, say what you want it to achieve or explain it in much detail. In addition, Your Vision will almost certainly develop into something that is even better, over time.

This is the brief and arguably, it is a bit light on detail.

Your Vision is yours. It isn’t anyone else’s. If it already existed, it could be made from a diagram, pattern or plan.

When you employ a creative to make Your Vision come alive, it is an exciting moment but equally, one with complexity. Their job is to understand and develop Your Vision; bring it to life using their gifts, approach and experience. This means, effectively, that they need to get into your mind. They might understand you well enough to do that, but they might not.

Creatives often need iterative rounds of updates and edits, changes and adjustments to achieve Your Vision. Why? Because, despite hundreds of hours of careful work – it is hard to get it right. It is not Your Vision yet. However, what the hours of work has shown to you is what you don’t want so the next version, will be even closer to Your Vision.

Finally, after further iterative rounds of changes and design development (pain and some despair) you will have your Eureka Moment and Your Vision will be there. Perfect. Finished.

Who would think that this straightforward piece of logo and artwork, took hundreds of hours of design to get The Vision right.

Clients, please be aware of what is happening. It is not the creative’s lack of talent or approach that is wrong or how tricky it is to explain Your Vision. Visions are hard work. Give yourself time and budget to get Your Vision right. It will be worth it.

My wedding dress

So where does creativity fit?

Creativity fits into the pursuit of high standards and quality, individuality, taste, beauty, grace, balance, focus and harmony. Creativity is refreshment, uplift, peace, good order, tranquility. Creativity is delightful, unexpected and fun. Creativity is revival, restoration, regeneration, symmetry and infinite possibility. With creativity you have life.

Next week we will lighten up a bit and talk about your personal brand


Comments and suggestions on how we might address the desecration of our wonderful world.

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