Humour and the fun stuff

Is humour ever appropriate in creative or corporate communications? Would humour offend your stakeholders on posters, Facebook or your website? Certainly, in a world dealing with terror, disease and other devastating issues, it might.

But fun takes away tension, can foster respect and attract attention. So maybe, whenever it’s possible, the judicious use of humour might be just what we need in these strange Covid-19, Brexit and unsettled times.

Stone rolled-back to reveal empty tomb

Despite the horrific backstory to Jesus’ crucifixion, this image of the empty tomb in our contemporary Covid-19 times makes me laugh every time I see it.

Kanchi, Asma and Anwara live in a remote village in western Bangladesh. They are all affected by leprosy and their ulcers may never heal, but the sheer joy found in their friendship make these photographs some of my all time favourites.

Paralympian, Stef Reid, MBE and new friends, by kind permission of The Leprosy Mission England and Wales

I couldn’t believe it when Paralympian, Stef Reid, just sat down in Durbar Square, Bhaktapur with some of the local inhabitants. It was a wonderful, entertaining moment during this trip to Nepal in 2019.

Milk supply – by kind permission of The Leprosy Mission England and Wales

It was a great surprise to stumble upon a water buffalo – even in the company of its minders. Buffala supplies a valuable source of milk protein to patients recovering from surgery and other procedures at Anandaban leprosy hospital, near Kathmandu.

HRH Duke of Edinburgh – RIP

According to my sources, the Queen was surprised to find the Duke guarding the palace.

Thank you Gladstone @TreasuryMog
Notice anything unusual? By kind permission of Georgie Harris Graphic Design.

Finally.. a poster announcing a series of J S Bach lunchtime organ recitals. This version was not actually published. A bar of chocolate to anyone who guesses what is slightly unusual about this poster. Email your answer

Mug shot by kind permission of Georgie Harris Graphic Design

…More humour coming at Christmas

It’s back to serious news next week. Covid-19 is having a terrible impact on people affected by leprosy in India. My friend, Arun Kumar, will be reporting from New Delhi.

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