KDK To Do and questions

  • Provide info for Timeline
  • Provide headings for Preclinical pipeline
  • Provide other details for epidemiology slideshow
  • Provide data references for epidemiology slideshow
  • Provide new details for HTL-003 graphic
  • Add new text
  • NEW question: graphic re cancer treatment
  • NEW question graphic for intratumoral delivery

HOXified graphic Advance prostate cancer

HOXified graphic preclinical pipeline

HOXified graphic new Line of Sight

HOXified graphic 86%

Epidemiology slideshow

HOXified graphic 10-15%

Animation 4

Animation 5 with jerk

Animation movie file

Movie file

HOXified molecules

26 March 2021
Web-graphics review

Animated DNA

animated DNA for homepage


Stages of prostate cancer and diagnosis

Preclinical development pipeline

Epidemiology slideshow

One in three people will get cancer in their lifetime

1 in 3 People will get cancer during their lifetime

Line of Sight for homepage?

Line of Sight from REsearch to patient


Dual androgen receptor inhibitor

Prostate cancer fact sheet

Once prostate cancer details finished – develop PDF download

10-15% of patients go on to develop locall recurrent metastatic disease

Text divider using significant fact

86% of people who get cancer are over 50

Text divider using significant fact

The end

Next visuals 12 March 2021

Five brand concepts

Tumour biology

Highly targeted

Molecules and genes

Animated options for Powerpoint slide template

Animated New HOX logo design development

Five brand concepts 5 March 2021

First in class


Highly targeted

Molecules and genes

Tumour biology

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