Graphic design ideas

Featured images

Graphic imagery based on crystal form and molecular structure

The images below are the initial choices made from a wider selection, that might work well as the featured image, that runs across the top of each webpage.

The images are not too simplistic but also, not specific in terms of crystal or molecular structure.

Some of the images will crop more readily than others and render more effectively in the featured image across the top of each webpage. The rendering efficacy must work for all of laptop, smartphone and tablet views.

Mood Board 4
Mood Board 5
Mood Board 6 and 7
Mood Board 14
Mood Board 32
Mood Board 34
Mood Board 35 and 47
Mood Board 37
Mood Board 38 and 46
Mood Board 39
Mood Board 42
Mood Board 44
Both crystal and molecule?
Graphic imagery for Pipeline landing and NXP002 webpages

The graphic images below may be effective on the XXX002 page to represent/illustrate or highlight the IPF indication. The second image, Lungs 2, or part of Lungs 4 might be the most effective for the featured image.

Lungs 1
Lungs 2
Lungs 3
Lungs 4
Lungs 5

Cityscape for IR section

This cityscape below was our choice but upon reflection, these clouds may have a negative impact. Two other suggestions are: Classic City image below featuring the London Stock Exchange or a completely abstract approach, the crystals in Mood Board 4 further below which appear to look like skyscrapers.

Modern London Cityscape with cloudy sky
Classic City of London image with London Stock Exchange


I2-piece signpost on IR landing webpage

The images or photographs used in each of the signposting squares below have been developed from stock photos. Each square will link to a new page in the new Investor Relations section of the website update. Each page will also feature in the dropdown navigation.

The design is deliberately knocked-back and faint so we don’t need too much or any design development and it doesn’t compete with the Corporate brand.

If we want to highlight a particular page, we can develop a square further. For example in the Redx IR landing page the corporate presentation contains a stronger image.

Signposting would also work well on the Company landing page and the News and Events landing page, see below.

Signposting for Company landing page
Signposting for News and Events landing page

For signposting, would could use hexagons or icons instead, as shown below.

Features to add energy and focus to a webpage

IR Overview and Company pages

The graphic design below was taken from the investor presentation. It features on the draft Overview page in the new IR section and it might work well on the Company landing page, depending on signposting.

Our model and Partnering landing page

This graphic imagery below is planned for the Our model webpage to replace the Value added to Nuformix feature. It could also feature on the Partnering landing page.

NFX branded icons in cyan, red and yellow

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