Graphic design ideas 2

Featured images

Graphic imagery based on molecular structure and crystal form

The images below are the initial choices made from a wider selection, that work well as the featured image that runs across the top of each webpage.

Mood Board 34 (Molecule)


Mood Board 35 and 47

smaller scale 1
Smaller scale 2
Graphic imagery for Pipeline section and NXP002 webpages

The graphic images below may be effective on the NXP002 page to represent/illustrate or highlight the IPF indication. The images slices have been cropped to show how they would appear in the featured image.

Lungs 2
Lungs 4

New Crystals
Cyan crystal 1

Cyan crystal 2
Cyan crystal 3
ice crystal 1
ice crystal 2
ice crystal 3

Features to add energy and focus to a webpage

IR Overview and Company pages

The graphic design below was taken from the investor presentation. It features on the draft Overview page in the new IR section and it might work well on the Company landing page, depending on signposting.

Cityscape for IR section

This cityscape below was chosen from a selection of cityscapes and now features on all the draft pages of the new IR section.

chosen photo for new IR pages

NFX branded icons in cyan and other blues

Homepage graphic design suggestions

idea 1

idea 2

Idea 3

idea 4

idea 5
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